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Greetings my family and friends,

We had a busy work week and weekend. Last week I held my 2nd of a 3-part workshop for my book at my dad's assisted living facility (ALF). It's always amazing to have residents share their experiences and thoughts. Part 1 covered Planning, Part 2 covers Executing the Plan and Part 3 is Closure. During Part 1, it was amazing to hear how many residents had their funerals planned and wishes known. One resident shared she told her family she wanted to have dove's released at her funeral. Her eyes lit up when she talked about it. Part 2 was special as my father was able to attend. He cried softly at times throughout the hour and said he was so proud of me. I'm so glad he was there and listened to what the others were sharing. I stressed how important it is to know your loved one's wishes and to let your wishes be know now when you still can. It was just such a special day. I can't wait for the 3rd workshop next month. We had lunch with dad yesterday and caught up on the week/weekend. I'm so glad he's not refusing showers anymore and he let's me wash his hair and shave him. It breaks my heart that he's lonely and depressed. I'm working with the ALF staff to encourage him to participate in more social activities and use the bike in the exercise room. Each day is a small success and we celebrate them all! I wish you all a wonderful week and the very best as we come to the end of summer 2018. CJ

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