Exciting Summer is almost over

Greetings my friends and family,

It's been a challenging and rewarding summer so far. It seems like June and July have just zoomed right by us. We enjoyed our first block party of the year in June. Had an amazing fathers day for my husband and father. Two of my three sisters came to VA and made his father's day "the best ever" (his words). My third sister and her family will be in VA next month Dad is really excited which makes me very happy. We still face challenges as caregiver but continually trying to focus on the positive and my father's happiness. This month we had an amazing time visiting our three children and five grandchildren. It's crazy how fast our grandchildren are growing up. It's so rewarding to see what wonderful and loving parents are children are. Lastly, I'm excited to share that I've completed my first of a three part workshop at my father's assisted living facility to discuss my book and share experiences with the residence and family in attendance. I just loved the first session when residents shared how they've prepared their family when it's their time. I can't stress enough how important it is to talk to your family and know their wishes and where the important documents are ahead of time. I look forward to my next sessions in August and September and hope you all have the very best that summer can bring! Best wishes, CJ

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