How Can I Help if I Don't Know You're Hurting?

As many of you know, I'm a contributing author on Open to Hope. My book is posted there and as a contributing author, they ask that we submit articles to help others who are caregivers or dealing with a loss and trying to find hope after the loss. My most recent article posted yesterday. It stemmed from a recent dental appointment for my father. In my eyes, I see him as a retired Lt. Colonel from the Army, 6'2" tall and giver of the best hugs ever. Growing up I always looked to him for guidance and advice. Now as a caregiver, he looks to me and my husband for guidance and assistance, but I struggle when he won't tell me something is bothering him or he's hurting. In my article, I share my struggle with finding out he's been bothered by dental issues for almost a year and didn't want to tell me or go to the dentist. The work took two weeks but now thankfully he's on the mend. I have faith and believe that he trusts me and our guidance is for his well-being, but wish he would be more open to issues that are bothering him.

I have several more articles on my author page at Open to Hope related to being a caregiver and loss of a loved one. I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season and healthy new year!

Best wishes, CJ

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