What a busy but truly rewarding week!

Nov 1st. This past week I traveled to Canada for work. I generally enjoy these trip as it’s a great opportunity to share information but this trip I wasn’t looking forward to. Such a short time frame and this past Monday would be my fifth bed and pillow in five days. My last post I noted our trip to visit friends returning on a Sunday, and my trip to Canada was on Monday, so I was just so tired.

My meetings went well but what struck me and made this trip special was during lunch. I was sitting at a table with someone who had actually sent challenging emails in the weeks before my trip and wasn’t happy with my responses, even though they were accurate but that wasn’t why lunch was special. We started talking about our fathers being in assisted living facilities. He said it was so hard it was for everyone after the death of his mother. I listened as he shared a bit about himself and then he asked about my father, so I shared the story of him losing his wife of 30 years. Then I shared that I wrote a book about helping loved ones after a death. It was like a door had opened and he shared even more about what his father and siblings went through. He must have talked for 20 minutes. He said he mother handled all of the finances and managed the everything in the household and it was a bit of a struggle for his father to do the finances and start doing everything his mom had done. He said it was such an awful time for his family and it took a while to manage everything that needed to be done.

It always touches me when people share their story with me when they find out the subject and purpose of my book. He was right…the loss of a loved one is crushing, and the days, weeks, months and even years are a devastating and to have to think that now so many things have to be done and so many calls to make. He said he wished there was a book like mine to help his father after losing his mom. Not knowing, he had validated the reason why I felt so strongly about writing For the Ones Left Behind – A Guide to Helping Loved Ones after a Death. I’m remain committed to sharing my story and my book with as many as possible. I also hope that those who provide services (Hospice and Palliative care, Funeral homes, hospitals, doctors, nurses, social workers, grief therapists, caregivers and so many more) that help those caring for loved ones preparing for a loss and after losing a loved one.

If you like my Facebook page and what my book represents, please share my story with your family, friends and co-workers. I thank you for liking my page and believing like I do, that my book can help so many. Have a wonderful weekend and best wishes, CJ

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