My first facebook ad and the sudden loss of my friends father.

I’m so excited to report that I’ve created my first ad on Oct. 13th on FaceBook. Since publishing last April, I’ve been actively working to market my book to national and local businesses that provide services to so many both before and after the death of a loved one. My family and friends have also been spreading the word too (thank you so much!!).

Sadly one of my friends at work lost her father suddenly in August. She and I had been talking quite a bit about our fathers as mine was diagnosed with dementia and she feared her father also was showing early signs of dementia. She bought a copy of my book on Amazon not knowing she’d need it far too soon. She told me one of the first things she did after the shock of the loss of her father gradually subsided, that she reached for my book and started to read it. She and her family were not ready to start thinking of everything that needed to be done but knew the funeral must be planned and the family needed to start thinking of what they should start doing next. When I saw her for the first time after hearing about her father, we cried. I was so surprised that she had thought to go back into Amazon and right a review for my book! Knowing what she and her family were going through, for her to think about writing a review on my book was amazing. I went back to my desk after talking with her and was eager to read the review. Tears came to my eyes as I read her review. Knowing my book helped her and after the devastating loss of her father reaffirmed my belief that my book can help so many others after the loss of their loved ones.

You’re never prepared to loss a loved one, even after a long illness.

For the Ones Left Behind – A Guide to Helping Loved Ones after a Death is a simple guide to managing all the phone calls, insurance and practical matters and various other details that need to be addressed after a death. Check out Amazon and read the latest review of my book. Thank you for reading my post. CJ

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