How do you manage everything and care for a parent with dementia

How do you do it all?

Manage frustrations of work, balance life’s challenges and care for a parent with Dementia. Let me tell you, it’s really hard some days.

I reflected on another sleepless morning at 5am not being able to sleep remembering it was just one year ago September 2015 my husband Paul and I moved my father and his two cats 700 miles north to live near us. We were traveling and preparing for his move during the week of our 20th anniversary. Not what we’d planned in 2015 for such a wonderful occasion but very much needed.

I’ve been actively working on marketing my book. I’ve obtained a bulk order and am reaching out to organizations to meet with them and discuss my book and the resources it provides. I’m working to update my website and blog more as well. I’m happy to report that next year as a contributing author on the Open to Hope Foundation, I’ll be interviewed by Dr. Gloria Horsely founder of Open to Hope Foundation. I know the book has helped others, and remain hopeful I can spread the word to many more in the months ahead.

It’s been three months since my fathers dementia diagnosis. Paul and I have read quite a bit on dementia and my father is enjoying his new apartment and the care he’s receiving at the ALF. He’s in the right place and I’m so happy for him.

My stress level has decreased tremendously, but heart is sad that I know my father’s condition will only get worse. I’m scared he won’t remember who I am and how much we love him. All we can do is be positive and enjoy every day we get with him.

My 21st anniversary with Paul was at in late September and we had a wonderful day together. Celebrating love, friendship and growing stronger together through all of the adversity we’ve faced of the past few years. I feel so blessed, but can’t help but think about how emotional, stress-filled and busy the past several years have been. All I can do is focus on the love that brought us together and doing what we can for our family. Only that will help to carry us forward as we face the challenges together.

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