Another sleepless morning thinking about increasing the exposure of my book.

October 18th, and another morning up at 4:00 and I can’t sleep. I was thinking how pleased I am that my ad is reaching so many new people. If you like my page and what my book represents, please consider purchasing a copy through the shop now button under the yellow calla lillies on this page. The shop now button will direct you to Amazon where you can purchase either the 80-page paperback version for $10.99 or kindle version for $3.99. I also have pricing for bulk orders if that’s something your considering.

Please email me if you have any questions on orders or would like to share your thoughts on my book. My email is “”

After reading my book, if you believe, like I do, that it can provide much needed resources to help manage the many issues needing attention after a loved one passes away, please share your thoughts through a review on Amazon but more importantly…tell your family and friends! Tell your co-workers, tell your neighbors, tell your clergy (this book could be a great help both before and after a funeral).

Spreading the word on For the Ones Left Behind – A Guide to Helping Loved Ones after a Death will help me to help your family and friends who are suffering from the devastating loss of a loved one. Best wishes, CJ

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