A busy summer while caring for my father

For those who’ve read the book, you know my husband and I helped my father move to an independent living apartment in a retirement community near us in September of 2015. Sadly, he was showing early signs of dementia or alzheimers for probably years. I scheduled a MRI to get a definitive diagnosis. I’m hoping to slow down whatever is happening to him. I just want him to live the retirement he deserves.

This past June my father and I toured the assisted living facility (ALF) in the retirement community where he has lived independently since Sept 28th. Within one hour after touring the ALF he decided he wanted to transition from independent to assisted living. Thus my crazy July. We’ve known my father was having memory challenges over the past year since he moved here to NoVa, but today it was confirmed that he has dementia. We had a feeling that was what was happening but the doctor confirmed it today and also said it was consistent with his age. All of us, including his doctors (general practitioner, cardioligist and neurologist) are glad that he’s transitioning to the ALF. They will tailor programs to encourage more social engagement and hopefully that will slow down what is happening to him. Paul and I are so glad that Dad is excited for his transition. Life is crazy, stressful and fulfilling knowing that we can help make is life richer and more engaging.

Lastly, after meeting with a local funeral home, I’m happy to report that they are looking into bulk pricing for my book! They indicated it would be a good resource in their after care package (after the funeral). Slowly, one person at a time, I am sharing the message of the resources in my book. I remain hopeful that it will help the loved ones left behind after a death to manage all that comes after the funeral. Best wishes, CJ

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