Experiencing the loss of my father-in-law Dino

When my father-in-law Dino passed away suddenly, it was really the first time that Paul, me and the children had experienced such a direct loss like that. Our oldest daughter Denise, who was living in another state and married to her high school sweetheart, was shocked and saddened when she heard the terrible news he had passed away. Mandy was 19, and Mark was 16, both of them numb from knowing they had only seen their grandpa Dino a few weeks ago and now he was gone. Not only was it devastating when your husband is suffering the tremendous loss of his father, but knowing our children were all feeling emotions they had never really felt before and finding it hard to express them was really hard for me because I couldn’t heal their pain. As a wife and a mom, I try to be strong for all of them, but this loss was so close and we were all broken-hearted. All we could do was try to heal as a family and know all the love and memories we have with Dino in our lives will never go away. We will always feel the deep love in our hearts especially knowing he was watching over us.

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