What a busy but truly rewarding week!

Nov 1st. This past week I traveled to Canada for work. I generally enjoy these trip as it’s a great opportunity to share information but this trip I wasn’t looking forward to. Such a short time frame and this past Monday would be my fifth bed and pillow in five days. My last post I noted our trip to visit friends returning on a Sunday, and my trip to Canada was on Monday, so I was just so tired. My meetings went well but what struck me and made this trip special was during lunch. I was sitting at a table with someone who had actually sent challenging emails in the weeks before my trip and wasn’t happy with my responses, even though they were accurate but that wasn’t why lunch was special. We

Book Preview on my Facebook page

Have you checked out the “Book Preview” selection on the left side of my Facebook page yet? Check out For the Ones left Behind – A Guide to Helping Loved Ones after a Death” You can see the table of contents and the start of my mini-memoir outlining my introduction into helping family members after the death of their loved ones. CJ

Another sleepless morning thinking about increasing the exposure of my book.

October 18th, and another morning up at 4:00 and I can’t sleep. I was thinking how pleased I am that my ad is reaching so many new people. If you like my page and what my book represents, please consider purchasing a copy through the shop now button under the yellow calla lillies on this page. The shop now button will direct you to Amazon where you can purchase either the 80-page paperback version for $10.99 or kindle version for $3.99. I also have pricing for bulk orders if that’s something your considering. Please email me if you have any questions on orders or would like to share your thoughts on my book. My email is “carla@fortheonesleftbehind.com” After reading my book, if you believe,

My first facebook ad and the sudden loss of my friends father.

I’m so excited to report that I’ve created my first ad on Oct. 13th on FaceBook. Since publishing last April, I’ve been actively working to market my book to national and local businesses that provide services to so many both before and after the death of a loved one. My family and friends have also been spreading the word too (thank you so much!!). Sadly one of my friends at work lost her father suddenly in August. She and I had been talking quite a bit about our fathers as mine was diagnosed with dementia and she feared her father also was showing early signs of dementia. She bought a copy of my book on Amazon not knowing she’d need it far too soon. She told me one of the first things she

How do you manage everything and care for a parent with dementia

How do you do it all? Manage frustrations of work, balance life’s challenges and care for a parent with Dementia. Let me tell you, it’s really hard some days. I reflected on another sleepless morning at 5am not being able to sleep remembering it was just one year ago September 2015 my husband Paul and I moved my father and his two cats 700 miles north to live near us. We were traveling and preparing for his move during the week of our 20th anniversary. Not what we’d planned in 2015 for such a wonderful occasion but very much needed. I’ve been actively working on marketing my book. I’ve obtained a bulk order and am reaching out to organizations to meet with them and discuss my book and the re

A busy summer while caring for my father

For those who’ve read the book, you know my husband and I helped my father move to an independent living apartment in a retirement community near us in September of 2015. Sadly, he was showing early signs of dementia or alzheimers for probably years. I scheduled a MRI to get a definitive diagnosis. I’m hoping to slow down whatever is happening to him. I just want him to live the retirement he deserves. This past June my father and I toured the assisted living facility (ALF) in the retirement community where he has lived independently since Sept 28th. Within one hour after touring the ALF he decided he wanted to transition from independent to assisted living. Thus my crazy July. We’ve known m

Now a Contributing Author for Open to Hope

This past summer I was so excited to find out that I was accepted as a contributing author for the Open to Hope. I’m listed in their authors heading, and a link to my first article is on my author page on my mother’s day memories. They have over 50,000 visitors to their website. They also posted a link to my book For the Ones Left Behind under their book headings by the following relationships: Death of a Parent, Death of a Spouse and Death of a Sibling. They have so many other books to help support people who have experienced loss and share stories of love and loss. I hope my book can help others who have lost a loved one. Check out www.facebook.com/opentohope website and share it with a fr

His message to his sister “Cry later – Right now you have stuff to do – Prioritize and Execute”

This past May I was traveling for work and had a chance to talk to a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. We were talking about my book and he shared something with me I just had to share. He said his sister was the executor of his will and he wrote a message to her on the outside of the envelope. “Cry later…Right now you have s**t to do. Prioritize and execute!”. He told me his message to her sister was written with love and an understanding of the reality she will be facing when she’s faced with opening the envelope. He is a current federal employee like me and told me the envelope contains the following: Medical power of attorney (POA), Declaration as to medical treatment, Durable POA for fin

Going For It!

What do they say…You can’t win if you don’t play? I’ve sent my paperback books to the USA Today, Washington Post and NY Times. Plus my publisher said my paperback sales were 11 before my dad bought a dozen to give his friends at his retirement community. Awesome…People wanted buy 11 copies of my paperback book! Yahoo!

Working Hard

It was a busy day today. I sent my book (paperback and pdf versions) to two national organizations and one local organization. I hope after they get a chance to review it, they feel the book would be a good resource to make available to their members in their on-line resource directories and include in their magazines and newsletters. I had to draft a cover letter to send with the books and a news release for one of the national organizations. It was a bit nerve-racking. I guess it goes with marketing a book. It’s hard to stop the happy tears sometimes, but so far everyone seems very interested.

Books in Hand!

Today I pick up my copies of my book! I’ve reached out to the editors of a local magazine and newspaper and a large organization that serves the ones left behind after a death. I was so nervous talking to them and drafting the message to share my book with them and request to meet with them. This is all so new and something I never thought I’d be doing. Wish me luck!

Experiencing the loss of my father-in-law Dino

When my father-in-law Dino passed away suddenly, it was really the first time that Paul, me and the children had experienced such a direct loss like that. Our oldest daughter Denise, who was living in another state and married to her high school sweetheart, was shocked and saddened when she heard the terrible news he had passed away. Mandy was 19, and Mark was 16, both of them numb from knowing they had only seen their grandpa Dino a few weeks ago and now he was gone. Not only was it devastating when your husband is suffering the tremendous loss of his father, but knowing our children were all feeling emotions they had never really felt before and finding it hard to express them was really

The Book is Out!

I am so excited to announce that my book, For the Ones Left Behind, has been released and is now available on Amazon.com in print and for Kindle! Losing a loved one is a stressful and sad experience, followed by weeks (and months) of sorting everything out. Don’t go in blind. For the Ones Left Behind is a How-To/Checklist/Mini-Memoir wrapped in one, a culmination of all of my note taking while going through this too many times myself. I hope it helps you. CJ

My First Post as a Writer

After everything my husband Paul, brother-in-law Mike and I faced helping my mother-in-law Nancy after my wonderful father-in-law Dino passed away suddenly, I said I wanted to write a book to help others who are faced with everything needed to be done after a death. That was almost 12 years ago. I’m so glad I was able to be there with Paul as he and Mike were helping Nancy. So many things needed to be done at the worst imaginable time ever. After my father’s wife passed away in Nov. 2014, Paul and I were with him to help make the seemingly endless calls to address everything that needed to be done. I’m a list person by nature, and took great care to write down every detail of every contact w

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