I live with my husband Paul and two cats. I’ve had a story to share for almost 12 years and after writing it and researching publishers, I discovered that the publisher, Blue Bullseye Press and John H. Matthews was based out a town near me. I gathered up the courage to contact him to discuss my story.  I was so delighted that he was interested in my story and wanted to work with me to publish my book.  You see, I’ve worked in civil service since 1992 and never considered myself an author…until now!  I just knew that with all we had learned helping our family members after their loved one passed away, this information could be a great resource to someone who has experienced losing a loved one.

Carla J. Vagnini

For the Ones Left Behind – A Guide for Helping Loved Ones After a Death is a guide to help with tackling all of the business and legal affairs of the loved one who passed away; from driver’s license to passports, banking and investment accounts, insurance policies, receiving final paychecks and retirement accounts. It’s a how-to-manual wrapped up in a mini-memoir about helping my family members through the devastating loss of their loved ones. 

There are so many books dealing with grief support, but when helping four of my family members in the aftermath of a sudden death or death after a lingering illness, there really wasn’t any resources out there to understand what contacts needed to be made, which ones need to be first, what can wait, and where do you start.  One early question we were faced with was …”Who do you call if the loved one who passed away was the breadwinner and managed the majority of the business matters in their marriage?”  Sadly, we was faced with addressing this very question on more than one occasion as well as a host of others you might never have thought of.

I found that the help and support after the funeral, when all of the other family members or friends had return to their homes, was as critically important as being there during a lingering cruel illness and attending the funeral.  Even if you think you have prepared for an impending loss, there are just so many issues to address and calls to make.  All of which are far too many for the grieving loved one to manage on their own.  My hope is that this book may help to guide at least one surviving loved one and/or those who are helping them after suffering a loss, and weather the storm with a little less stress.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  

Best wishes, CJ