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  A death can shatter the lives of those left behind. Now, there are so many things to do.

Who do you call?

Where do you start?

How can you help?

Managing to survive in the aftermath of a loved one’s death is a daunting task. For the Ones Left Behind, A Guide for Helping Loved Ones after a Death was written with the intentions of assisting the countless who step forward or are called upon to provide support after a death.

"Bought multiple copies and handed them out to friends and family. Compassionately written and full of wonderful information. Highly recommended!"        -Amazon Shopper

"This is a wonderful book that helps you keep things moving forward after losing someone. It's the checklist you didn't know you needed until it is too late. If you are close to losing somebody or know someone that is, pick this up."                            -Amazon Shopper

"For the Loved Ones Left Behind is a great resource and walks you through every difficult process. There are things in the book that we would not have thought about otherwise - like calling the credit bureaus, finalizing business relationships, etc. For the Ones Left Behind is a how-to-guide, from start to finish, on what to do when you lose a loved one. This one book has everything we need and will help us finalize my dad's affairs."                                           -Amazon Shopper


Giving a Voice to Grief and Recovery

Open to Hope Foundation® is a non-profit foundation with the mission of helping people find hope after loss. We invite you to read, listen and share your stories of hope and compassion.

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When the Caregiver becomes the Patient

How can I help if I don't know your hurting?