Carla J. Vagnini lives outside Washington, DC with her husband Paul and their two cats. She has been in public service for almost half of her life. She treasures spending time with her husband, family (both near and far) and two cats. Carla truly believes that everything happens for a reason and shares her belief with her loved ones that every day is a gift, never go to bed angry with the ones you love and life is just too short.

After helping family members through the devastating loss of their loved ones, she took the time write this short book. While dealing with the shock and devastation of death after an unexpected passing or a lingering cruel illness, she and her husband learned valuable information and insights with each experience that she’s sharing with you.

She found that the help and support provided after the funeral, when all of the family and friends had returned to their homes, was equally as critical as the support provided both during the illnesses and at the funeral. She learned that no matter how much time you might have to “prepare”, there are just too many issues to address and calls to make. All of which are far too many for the grieving loved one to manage on their own.

She hopes that when you are faced with providing support to a loved one who has sadly experienced their own devastating loss that this information serves as a guide to help you weather the storm with a little more ease and comfort.

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